Desert Platteau Talks

New Genres

It has been awhile since my last post.  We have been working on our "real life" presentations via half day farmer's markets, arts & crafts shows, and presentations to local clubs in Tucson.  We call this our "ground game".    The Saguaro jewelry and Saguaro art pieces are…(continue reading)

Sneek Peek

Many people have asked me what parts of the Saguaro cactus our jewelry is made from.  As I have mentioned in previous posts the answer is "every part".  What makes our art and jewelry so unique is that we can use every part, not just the Saguaro ribs and Saguaro boots (Saguaro skeletons). ...(continue reading)

Welcome to Our Grand Opening

I am excited to announce our grand opening!!  It has been fun building to this point. Please take some time to look over our site.  We think you will enjoy window shopping as much as buying.  Either way, I love to talk about art, especially my jewelry and drawings.  Your comments,...(continue reading)